Why MindShift Courses?

Ever wonder what a day in someone else's skin may be like? Storytelling has transformative power for both people and organizations. If we are willing to hear others’ stories with empathy, we are compelled to re-examine our own perspectives and are motivated to make change. The My Story allyship courses help participants to understand how to listen to others with empathy and shift their thoughts and actions toward allyship. Shaping Organizational Culture Through Storytelling helps participants to leverage the power of storytelling across their organizations.
Course founder TaJuana Antwine stands by a window in a pink lace blouse

About the My Story Courses

What's Included?

  • My Story Courses

    As part of these courses, I share one or more of my own stories and related resources where participants can learn more. Participants can create their own allyship plan based on what they've learned.

  • Cultivating Organizational Culture Through Storytelling

    In this course, participants learn to understand and capture their organization's story. Based on what you learn in the course, you can take steps to shift the culture of your organization.